LET’STANBUL 2011: Meet Hichem Kherbachi

Name, Age, City
Hichem Kherbachi , 20, Algiers

What do you do?
I’m a graphic designer/digital artist from Algeria. I’ve got three years of experience and started to work as a graphic designer for advertising agency JWT . My specialty is making promotional materials like flyers, posters and banners. My work is also featured on a lot of design websites and blogs.

How would you describe your life?
My personal projects are all about searching for more inspiration.

What do you expect to find in Istanbul?
Actually, I’ve been in Istanbul before and I think it’s a wonderful and beautiful city. I love it very much.

What are you going to do at Let’stanbul?
I’m going to show some ideas that I created for Let’stanbul. I think my main role is to share my hopefully enjoyable ideas with the people in Istanbul’s streets.

Want to see Hichem Kherbachi’s work? Check out the following website
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Download the LET’STANBUL 2011 programme

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