LET’STANBUL 2011: Meet Dav[id Hubner]

Name, Age, City
Dav[id Hubner], 30, Linz

What do you do?
Brand/Logo/Corporate Design. (And everything CMYK)

How would you describe your life?
I really like the parts of my life that involve design, travelling, seeing new places and getting to meet new people. Love it.

What do you expect to find in Istanbul?
Inspiration & Happiness.

What are you going to do at Let’stanbul?
The debut of a ‘Branding & Design’ themed workshop titled ‘Brands By The Beach’. It will be a playful & interactive introduction to branding: branding basics, knowledge, stories and hands-on DIY brand ‘building’.

Want to see an overview of Dav[id Hubner]’s work? Check out his website
Tomorrow: meet Robin Styba

Download the LET’STANBUL 2011 programme

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