LET’STANBUL 2011: Meet Ogulcan Ekiz

Name, Age, Country
Ogulcan Ekiz, 19, Turkey

What do you do?
I’m one of the organizers, a photographer and a law student.

How would you describe your life?
My philosophy is based on finding someone or something to love and making it my life until it ends.

What do you expect to find in Istanbul?
I expect to find night life, good food, love, something cool to take pictures of and someone cool to take pictures with.

What are you going to do at Let’stanbul?
Like I said, I’m always looking for something to love. Right now that’s Let’stanbul. I’m going to make sure that everything goes alright during the festival and of course I’m going to have a lot of fun!

Tomorow: meet Payam Emrani

Download the LET’STANBUL programme

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