Psychogeographic walk in Sinop

Collecting the Future is a currently ungoing urban meeting taking place in Sinop, Turkey. From 7-17 September, local/national/international urban experts, artists, cultural producers and citizens are thinking and talking about the future of this historical Black Sea town. The role of culture in the city’s development is one of the central themes of the discussions.

In order to encourage people to see their city in a different light and create new ideas for it, I organised a psychogeographic walk. Participants strolled around Sinop in small groups, using an algorithm (e.g. 2nd street right, 2nd street left, 1st street left) to navigate the city’s streets. Meanwhile they wrote down how they felt and what kind of emotions they experienced while wandering around.  

I collected people’s notes and several Sinop photographs in the presentation below. The results were very interesting, sometimes sad, but also funny. The presentation gives a good impression of how both locals and strangers experience and view the city.

Download the presentation (in Turkish)

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