LET’STANBUL 2011: Meet Katie Warren

Name, Age, City
Katie Warren, 22, Washington DC

What do you do?
I am a photographer, model, performance artist, collaborator, and connector. I enjoy meeting interesting creatives and working together to create unique artistic images.

How would you describe your life?
My life is a double life; I work as a strategy consultant during the day, and then create art the remainder of the time. Despite having to do many things at once, I focus on doing everything with passion. I am very lucky to be surrounded by immensely talented artists, stylists, photographers, designers, and all manor of inspiring people; we feed off the collective energy and work to create really fun, dynamic pieces.

What do you expect to find in Istanbul?
I expect to be moved beyond words at the depth of inspiration that receive from the other artists who are going. I only hope that I can capture it and translate it in photos.

What are you going to do at Let’stanbul?
I will be working with professional Turkish dancers from the conservatory in Istanbul to put on 20 or more installation photo shoots around the city. They will be a wide variety of dancers, from traditional whirling dervish to modern and ballet, and we will be shooting in both traditional and modern settings. We will be investigating the changing role of femininity in Turkish culture through the contrast of dance styles and the locations. 

Want to see Katie Warren’s work? Check out her website

Download the LET’STANBUL 2011 programme

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