LET’STANBUL 2011: Meet Zeynep Yildirim

Name, Age, City/Country
Zeynep Yildirim, I am 24. I live in Brooklyn, New York, but I am originally from Turkey.

What do you do?
I am a graphic designer at a boutique graphic design firm, but I also do freelance jobs. I’m mostly working on branding, marketing and type projects.

How would you describe your life?
I guess I can say very busy and in action all the time. Its overwhelming sometimes to work full time and freelance at the same time, and work on personal projects on top of that. But I love what I do, so I try to manage my time in the most efficient way so that I also have time left for myself.

What do you expect to find in Istanbul?
I lived in Istanbul, but the last 5 years I’ve only been visiting every 6 months, so I feel like a tourist sometimes. However, this time I’m expecting to see Istanbul from a very different perspective than before.

What are you going to do at Let’stanbul?
I will be doing a type installation – a large type (a word) will be cut out of turfgrass. I will ask a question to viewers or people passing by, and will have papers connected to a stick(will look like flags) so people can write down their answer and insert the flag in the grass. So in the end, the type will be covered with little flaggy things depending on how much people are willing to contribute.

Want to see Zeynep Yildirim’s work? Check out her website

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