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Dreaming of a perfect life in Istanbul…

“You will find the life you are looking for in this perfectly planned community. Leave the past behind as a fond memory! You will rebuild your life in the colourful and lively world of My World. You are the centre … Continue reading

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Local residents of Turkish cities turn public stairs into rainbows

On a warm August day, retired forestry engineer Huseyin Cetinel decided his downtown Istanbul neighbourhood could do with some extra colour. He immediately took action, bought 800 dollars worth of paint, and painted the public stairs in Findikli, which connect … Continue reading

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Sustainability in Turkish cities: dream or reality?

Turkey is not particularly famous for its sustainable, green policies. According to the latest EU progress report, the country hasn’t made many steps forward when it comes to the environment. There are several actors and organisations that support and promote … Continue reading

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Psychogeographic walk in Sinop

Collecting the Future is a currently ungoing urban meeting taking place in Sinop, Turkey. From 7-17 September, local/national/international urban experts, artists, cultural producers and citizens are thinking and talking about the future of this historical Black Sea town. The role of culture in the city’s development is … Continue reading

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Creative design solutions for more sustainable living

Does sustainability only make you think about solar energy, reducing green house gases and recycling? Then think again, because according to the international DESIS network (Design for Social Innovation & Sustainability), sustainability is much more than those well-known examples. DESIS … Continue reading

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An Islamist state on Turkey’s horizon?

Religion has always been a sensitive topic in Turkey. Even though the country’s population is supposedly 99.8% Muslim, Islam has long been looked at with a certain degree of suspicion, at least by the state. This is changing now though. “Until the Democrat … Continue reading

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